Letteren Vooruit

It’s time to get the Arts faculty at the University of Groningen moving again, after years of standstill. It’s time for Letteren Vooruit. We are a progressive party that wants to improve our faculty.

Put students first

It is important that students are at the center of education in our faculty. Letteren Vooruit wants to create the optimal conditions for students to perform the best they can.

Create the optimal learning environment

The university should be the optimal learning environment. Students perform best when they can work in a suitable place.

Dare to change

We're done with the current gridlock at the Faculty of Arts. We dare to look at the future again and make fundamental changes. We must look ahead, towards the future.


This is the Sixth Faction, the are fighting for the students of the Faculty of Arts.

Some quotes from the party programme

The Key To Success

Do you want a better faculty?

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