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Letteren Vooruit strives for sustainable progress at the Faculty of Arts. Take a look at how we want to represent every student.

In short

Our accomplishments


Quality of

education must be monitored to ensure a smooth transition back to in-person learning.


of students must be ensured by highlighting its relevance on the agenda of the Faculty Board.

Student participation

must be empowered by increasing transparent communication between students and the Faculty.

Our goals

Internationalisation, Decolonisation & Inclusivity

on study material, staff body diversity, and solving language barrier.

Student Mental Health & Support

by raising awareness towards resources, the help of community through study associations and stress management through mentoring and partnering with other students.

Quality of Education

on Covid measures, active learning, student satisfaction, and discrepancies.

Sustainability and Renovation

with sustainable renovations, dietary options, and collaboration.

Communication and Transparency within the Faculty

through the language of communication and clearer understanding of organisational structures alongside the use of social media.





BA American Studies




BA European Languages and Cultures




BA Middle Eastern Studies




BA International Relations and International Organisation




MA North-American Studies and MA Film and Contemporary Audiovisual Media




BA Arts, Culture and Media




BA Minorities & Multilingualism




BA American Studies




BA English Language and Culture

Student Wellbeing

Over recent years, Letteren Vooruit has become increasingly dedicated to giving Student Wellbeing the attention it deserves. Especially given the circumstances of the past academic year – one fraught with isolation and difficult changes, – Letteren Vooruit plans to bring resources for Student Wellbeing to new levels of awareness. Students should be able to obtain the support they may need, without the burden of locating these pathways placed solely on the students.

Back to the buildings to be there for each other

Quality of Education

As the Faculty of Arts transitions to blended learning and in-person education, Letteren Vooruit will fight for the high academic standards of education and research to be upheld. The transition should go as smoothly as possible and put the interests of students first.

Less virtual, more visionary education

Unity and Cooperation

The Faculty of Arts, a diverse community drawn from a range of cultural and educational backgrounds, should use its differences as strengths. The Faculty of Arts should be a space where everyone feels welcome. In order to help realise this, Letteren Vooruit will make sure that the opportunities for international and native students are of equal value.

Turning your uniqueness into our strengths

Facilities and ICT

The upcoming academic year will require the Faculty to rethink its use of both the digital and the physical space. The pandemic has increased the imminent need for the availability of digital lectures, as well as transparent and informative communication between students and teachers. Letteren Vooruit will focus itself upon promoting better facilities to accommodate the students of our Faculty, in order to create an inclusive faculty.

Letteren Vooruit will focus itself upon promoting better facilities to accommodate the students of our faculty, in order to create an inclusive faculty, both in its physical and digital space.

Financial Future

The current financial situation at the Faculty of Arts is unsustainable. Letteren Vooruit, over the past years, has put work into improving the financial situation. However, the future of the Faculty remains uncertain, and it is clear that work needs to be done. Letteren Vooruit will request clear and specific data regarding budgeting and the financial prospects of the Faculty, and will continue to work with other Arts Faculties in the Netherlands to ensure that budget cuts do not negatively impact students.

Letteren Vooruit will ask the Faculty Board for clear and effective solutions concerning current financial issues.


International students are becoming more involved in the University’s policies, hence Letteren Vooruit emphasises the value of bilingualism in the Council. Therefore, we will ensure that the Faculty Council’s agenda and notes, as well as the rest of the materials covered, are published in both English and Dutch, so that they are accessible to any student interested in the Faculty Council meetings. Also, we will provide handy access to all the documents that should be of interest and we will give clear guidelines on where they can be found.

Letteren Vooruit will work on changing the language of the Faculty Council meetings to English.


Decision-making at the Faculty of Arts takes place on various levels and can often seem untransparent for those not familiar with the system. Letteren Vooruit will make sure that the organisational structure of the Faculty as well as the opportunities for students to participate and make their voices heard are clearly communicated with students, so that they are aware which body to address with which questions and suggestions. Secondly, we would like to make the voices of Master’s and PhD students more heard in the Faculty Council, as these students are often under-represented.

Your voice, our mission

Letteren Vooruit

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