Support LV

Support LV

We’re only able to represent you by the support we get from you. All the work we do for the students of the Faculty of Arts is voluntary. For the representation, the campaign and the yearly elections, we need your support!


Letteren Vooruit becomes no funding from the University. This means that it can only exists because of donations. If you want to support thew work we do, we’re happy to receive a donation.

Become a member

To represent all students at the Faculty of Arts requires a lot of our commitment. ¬†We’re open for your support in our Support Faction. Get in contact to join us.

Run for Letteren Vooruit

Faculty Council elections are held very year. If you want to become a faculty council member of Letteren Vooruit, support us by applying for a position on our candidate list.

Letteren Vooruit

Letteren Vooruit, for Open Minds and Faculty.