The party and association Letteren Vooruit has a great history. From the beginning onwards the goal of Letteren Vooruit was to stand up for all students at the Faculty of Arts. Democracy flows through the veins of the party and always is the key to succes.

Letteren Vooruit

The grounding of Letteren Vooruit

May 6th 2014

Letteren Vooruit was grounded on May the 6th in 2014 by Léon Melein and Reinard van Dalen. They wanted to bring back democracy at the Faculty of Arts.

First Candidate List

First list of candidates

April 2015

In April 2015 Letteren Vooruit presented the very first list of candidates. The party was very proud of a diverse list containing candidates with various backgrounds.

3 seats 2015

Letteren Vooruit wins the elections with 3 seats

May 2015

Letteren Vooruit keeps it’s promise: It brings back democracy at the Faculty of Arts. With 3 seats the very first faction of Letteren Vooruit is a fact.


Grounding of the Association Letteren Vooruit

August 24th 2015

In order to be even closer to the students of the faculty, to represent them from the inside, and to bring faculty politics to the forefront, the Association Letteren Vooruit is formed. The very first faculty council association at the Faculty of Arts.

First-ever membership recruitment association

September 2015

Membership recruitment for the association is initiated. The goal is to make Letteren Vooruit a major faculty association. With slogans such as “Will you be the new Minister of Education?” a successful campaign is launched.

Member recruitment great success: Start of several committees

October 2015

Membership recruitment was a great success. The association starts with six committees: 1) Activiteitencommissie; 2) Kascommissie; 3) Onderzoekscommissie; 4) Panelcommissie; 5) Promotiecommissie; 6) Redactie.
Algemene Ledenvergadering

First ALV

December 3rd 2015

The first ALV of the newly grounded association was on December 3rd 2015. A milestone in the existence of the association.

Start of a tradition: Drinks at Tram 13

January 19th 2016

The Activities Committee started with the tradition that every first Tuesday of the month there are Letteren Vooruit Drinks at Tram 13 in Groningen.

First Association Activity

Februari 2016

A highlight in the association’s existence: The first activity organized by the Activities Committee. A visit to an Escape Room in Groningen.
15-03-2016 EU Voorzitterschap

Letteren Vooruit visits the EU Presidency in Amsterdam

March 2016

In 2016 the Netherlands had the presidency of the European Union. Letteren Vooruit visited the presidency location in Amsterdam.


Every month a new edition of The Letter

2015 and 2016

Every month the Redactie Committee publishes a new edition of The Letter. Within The Letter all updates from the Faculty Council are published. This way the association of Letteren Vooruit informs all students about current politics and policy.

Lecture Political Leadership by Hans Wiegel

May 17th 2016

Letteren Vooruit was proud to organize the first political lecture about Political Leadership by former VVD politician Hans Wiegel.

6 Zetels

Letters Ahead gets majority in Faculty Council

April 2016

The second time Letteren Vooruit participates in the elections at the Faculty of Arts. This time the party wins 6 out of 9 seats. Letteren Vooruit gets a majority in the council.

Board 2016 - 2017

First independent board of the association

September 2016

For the first time in history, the board of the association consists of independent board members. This means none of the board members is also part of the faction. From now on Letteren Vooruit is a big organisation with two parts: 1) The Faction; 2) The Association with the board and various committees.

Groninger Tweede Kamer Verkiezingsdebat 2017

March 1st 2017

One of the highlights in the existence of Letteren Vooruit is the organization of the Groninger Tweede Kamer Election Debate 2017. In the Academy Building of the University of Groningen a debate took place between ten parties which are competing for a place in the Dutch House of Representatives.
Jacques Wallage

Lecture by former Mayor Jacques Wallage

March 13th 2017

In an intimate setting, Letteren Vooruit organized a lecture and conversation with former mayor of Groningen Jacques Wallage.
Faction 2017 - 2018

The faction becomes even bigger: 7 seats

April 2017

Letteren Vooruit is growing even bigger. During the elections of 2017 the faction expanded to seven seats.

Excursion to the European Parliament

June 2017

The members of the Letteren Vooruit association visited the European Parliament in Brussels. With it being the first international visit, it was one of the biggest activities in the history of the association.

Excursion to the Tweede Kamer

May 31st 2018

The Activities Committee organised a visit to the Tweede Kamer in The Hague. Letteren Vooruit visited the VVD faction and got a tour through the Dutch House of Representatives.

Transitiecommissie: "Voor de toekomst"

April 2018

The association Letteren Vooruit formed the Transitiecommissie. This committee wrote a plan for the future of Letteren Vooruit: “Voor de toekomst”. In this plan the committee proposed the dissolution of the association. From August 2018 onwards Letteren Vooruit will be a Foundation. The Foundation will have a board consisting of members from the faction. All members of the former association will become contributors of the Foundation. All committees will stop to exist. The Support Faction will be reintroduced, so the faction of Letteren Vooruit becomes enough support.

Letteren Vooruit Lustrum

June 2020

Officially Letteren Vooruit was grounded in April 2014. However the official lustrum was planed to be celebrated in June 2020. Unfortunately duo to Corona, the celebrations did not take place.

Letteren Vooruit

Letteren Vooruit plans to bring resources for Student Wellbeing to new levels of awareness.