28 Sep Letteren Vooruit is looking for new members

After years of stagnation within the Faculty of Arts it is time for some refreshing ideas. With this in mind, Faculty of Arts party Letteren Vooruit was established last academic year. The vision of the party has immediately resulted in three seats during her first election participation. Now we want to achieve the party’s goals, but we can’t do this without you. Besides the political wing of the Party Letteren Vooruit, an independent association was founded, accessible for every student in the faculty. The goal of the association is to provide a platform for students who have a general interest in politics and/or want to help the faculty in what way whatsoever.

Membership of Letteren Vooruit is a perfect opportunity to form and express your political interests or ambition with other Arts students from various studies with different backgrounds. Politics is perceived by us in the broadest sense: anyone who has an affinity with the world of politicians, civil servants, activists, analysts, journalists, reporters, opinion leaders, campaigners and spin doctors can be part of Letteren Vooruit. Within the association, you can exchange thoughts and discuss with supporters of numerous political visions and, above all, build a network for your professional (political) future.

Moreover, you can profile yourself by becoming an active member in one of our committees. There is a total of six committees, which provide advice and serve under the executive board of the association: the Audit Committee, the Selection Committee, the Activities Committee, the PR-committee, the Panel and De Redactie. The last four committees will be explained in the below.

The Activities Committee organizes activities throughout the academic year, such as lectures, workshops, pub quizzes and parties. Members of the association will have a discount on all activities. The PR-committee is engaged in recruiting members and will have a leading role in the campaign during the elections. The Panel Committee will handle questions and comments from students and periodically ask students about their ideas of improvements within the Faculty of Arts. The editors of De Redactie will keep the students up-to-date on all the latest developments within the faculty via our website and other channels.

Letteren Vooruit is, as mentioned above, is a party made up of a political wing and an independent association. The political wing will at all times be accountable to the association and the association will take care of support, recruitment and financing. Each academic year, a comprehensive list of students who would like to take part within the political group will be drafted by the Selection Committee. During these applications, members of the party will have a favourable position. The faculty’s election will determine who will be part of the support group and the Raadsfractie in the following academic year.

Membership of the association Letteren Vooruit costs € 19.99 per year. For that price you can count on discounts on activities, political experience and an valuable addition on your CV. Members who participate in organized activities, will be out cheaper in ratio than comparable non-members. Join us via the application form on our website (link) or by filling in one of the application forms attached to the bulletin board in the Weber foyer (Harmonie Building) and positing it in the pigeon hole of Letteren Vooruit (1315.0332). So are you the new Obama? Or are you just as prominent as Anderson Cooper (CNN)? Then you and Letteren Vooruit are a perfect match.

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