09 May Freya Liemburg: ‘Every voice should be heard’

Every weekday one of our candidates introduces themselves to you. Today, our number 7: Freya Liemburg.

Who are you and what are your roots?
I am Freya Liemburg. I study Communication and Information Sciences with a pre-master Marketing. I originally come from Heerenveen. I live in Groningen for three years now and I like it a lot. I usually fill my time with ice-skating, politics and enjoying the nightlife of Groningen. Last year I was in the founding board, the promotion committee and the faction of Letteren Vooruit in the Faculty Council.

What do you like about the Faculty of Arts?
When you walk into the Academy Building, you immediately get the real feeling of studying in Groningen. With everything within walking distance and in the city centre, the best of the Faculty of Arts is its location. There are a lot of student associations that are committed to improving your time as a student in Groningen. There is an association for everyone, so that everyone feels comfortable at the Faculty of Arts. Everyone gets the chance to distinguish themselves in the way they want to.

What do you want to improve at the Faculty of Arts?
I want to make students’ voices heard about their education. Last year, we founded an association so that everyone that wants to make their voice heard, can do so. Our job is to give this more support next year and to extend this.

What do you want to achieve for your fellow students?
Right now there are a lot of studies at the Faculty of Arts that don’t correspond with the labor market. This has to be improved by listening to alumni. They know exactly what employers want. This way certain skills in studies can be emphasized. Also, I want to create a better climate in the canteen of the Harmoniecomplex. We have to find a solution for the heat in the canteen.

What are your ambitions for the future?
Right now I am studying Communication and Information Sciences with a pre-master Marketing. Within Letteren Vooruit I think it’s great to manage the external relations and communications, and work for the promotion committee. That’s why it’s not a surprise that I eventually want to work in marketing communications.  For now, I want to participate in the Faculty Council to build upon our achievements of the last year. The goal is to improve the quality of our education by listening to students.

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