11 May Fouad El Ghamarti: ‘Decrease the gap between student and faculty’

Every weekday one of our candidates introduces themselves to you. Today, our number 5: Fouad El Ghamarti.

Who are you and what are your roots?
My name is Fouad El Ghamarti. I’m 20 years old and currently in my second year of the bachelor History. I’m currently active for its study association GHD Ubbo Emmius, and of course also for Letteren Vooruit. I have been living in Groningen for almost two years now, but before moving here I used to live in Drachten, which is not far from Groningen. Drachten is also where I went to school before going to university. In my free time, I play bass guitar in a band, and I also enjoy a game of football.

What do you like about the Faculty of Arts?
I started studying in Groningen because it’s not far from my home town, but also because Groningen is just a wonderful city with so much to do. I think it’s great that the faculty is located in the city centre: it makes for a great atmosphere. All these smaller and larger buildings which are spread throughout central Groningen make for a campus-like experience. I also like how the people at the faculty are generally laid back and always in for something. Another positive thing that has occurred to me while studying here, is how motivated the teachers generally seem to be.

What do you want to improve at the Faculty of Arts?
A lot of students don’t really seem to have a clue what the University Council or the Faculty Council is, or what they do. I must admit it can be pretty complicated, but we have to make sure that students know about the different university bodies and their responsibilities. I think there’s a lot of ground to be won here, so we should really put some effort into keeping students up to date with what’s going on administration-wise. Another thing what could be better is how little money the Faculty of Arts seems to have. We don’t nearly receive as much as other faculties. This is something we should hope to improve, right?

What do you want to achieve for your fellow students?
What I hope to achieve is that after next year the faculty and its students will have become closer to each other. On the one hand this can be achieved by keeping the students up to date with faculty affairs, and on the other hand by convincing the students that they can make themselves heard. We are already in the process of realizing this with, among others, ‘The Letter’,  which is a news article that we publish every month, and with the Panel that we are setting up. A process like this takes longer than a few days though, so next year I will continue to do my very best for Letteren Vooruit!

What are your ambitions for the future?
I’m not hugely fond of planning ahead too far, so I don’t have many plans for the future. I just hope Letteren Vooruit will score well in the coming elections, and that we will do some good business in the Faculty Council next year. After next year I just hope to continue studying and I hope the future will bring good things!

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