13 May Fleur Albers: ‘More attention for course evaluations and program committees’

Every weekday one of our candidates introduces themselves to you. Today, our number 3: Fleur Albers.

Who are you and what are your roots?
My name is Fleur Albers and I am 21 years old. I was born in Zwolle, but I grew up in Wesepe and I went to secondary school in Raalte. Right now, I am a third year History student. I have several part-time jobs next to my studies. I work as a student ambassador and I work at the front office of the Student Service Centre. I am an active member of the study association GHD Ubbo Emmius. This year, I am the chairman of the conference committee. In my free time, I like to read and I love to cook, go out and travel.

What do you like about the Faculty of Arts?
One of the reasons why I started studying at the University of Groningen is the young and lively city. The Faculty of Arts is located at a nice, central location in the center of Groningen. In addition, the quality of education at the Faculty of Arts is good and in recent years it has even improved. There are offered good study programs and an additional impetus to this was given with the introduction of the new minor system. Personal coaching is also something in which the faculty is profiling itself. First-year students are for instance assigned to a mentor who accompanies them during the first year.

What do you want to improve at the Faculty of Arts?
The education at the Faculty of Arts is of good quality and this should be maintained. Good education starts with skilled and enthusiastic teachers. Teachers who score negatively at certain points in course evaluations, should be allowed to improve themselves in these areas, by for example following a language course. Teachers themselves should also stick to the rules. For example, marking periods must be respected. The recording of lectures provides students to prepare extra well for an exam. The university has to move with the times.  

What do you want to achieve for your fellow students?
The participation of students should be increased. It is important to go into conversations with fellow students and to give them a voice in the Faculty Council through the Panel of Letteren Vooruit. Students themselves may also take action and that is something I also want to work for next year. The course evaluations must be filled out more frequently and the results should be dealt more seriously. In addition, program committees should be better heard. Students should be better informed about further changes at the faculty, so that they can then support their opinion in a proper way.

What are your ambitions for the future?
I hope to complete my bachelor next year. I want to follow a master’s program that focuses on management and/or policy after I have finished my bachelor program. During my studies I already want to gain more working experience, for example by doing an internship. At the end of next year, I hope to have more experience in co-determination, have gained more insight into the ins and outs of the faculty and have achieved something for the students of the Faculty of Arts! Better communication towards the student, a greater say for students and the maintenance of the quality of our education are topics that I want to devote myself to next year!

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